Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bake Sale!

Pamela Lopez at the Bake Sale
Pamela Lopez, IABC Raider Chapter Events Coordinator, at the Bake Sale
The IABC Raider Chapter had its first fundraising event: a bake sale!  We sold a variety of sweets, including banana bread, cookies, rice crispy treats, and cupcakes.  Several customers had never heard of the IABC and were curious about us and our mission.  It struck me that our fundraising efforts can also be effective outreach opportunities; we provided brochures and newsletters as a way of “spreadin’ the word.”

Our grand total earned at the bake sale is…..drum roll, please….$84.50!  More baked goods will be sold today in a variety of classrooms.  These funds support our one free membership incentive program and IABC T-shirts to be awarded to lucky winners at guest speaker events! 

Thanks to all who contributed to the bake sale!  We appreciate your generous donation of time and resources!

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  1. Awesome! MTSU had better be ready because we're got to be hot on the radar next year!